Throwleigh Parish

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Thursday  4th Apr 2019   Agenda Draft Minutes (Annual Meeting)

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 Monday 7 April 2008  Minutes                

 If you wish to contact the Parish Council on any matters of public concern in Throwleigh, please contact the Clerk, Kate Graddock,

   Mobile 07703 050496 or  any councillor below:

   Jackie Crawford (Chair)         01647 231103                                                      

   Julian Wisniewski (Vice Chair)  01647 231252

   David Hayes           01647 432344

   Draeyk van der Horn

Duncan Vincent             01647 432283

David Jordan   

Ann Warwick-Oliver                       01647231303

West Devon: Cllr Paul Ridgers     07920 07809


 Self Help Guide for Snow Clearing

 Snow Wardens

 Park Rangers

 Parish Council Code of conduct

 Parish Council Standing Orders

 Accounts 2018/9 - Certificate of Exemption

 Expenditure over £100

 Reducing Isolation in Older People across W Devon

 Coronavirus help sheet


Council Notices

Council meetings are usually held at the village hall from 7:30 bi-monthly.

Scheduled meeting dates:

Electors can gain fuller details of any particular subject, by appointment with the Clerk to the Council, as below.

Various problems with the roads are regularly reported to Devon County Council Highways, who despite limited resources do a good job in keeping them in repair. Please report any matters involving the roads directly to DCC on their “Report a Problem” web page or ring 0345 155 1004