Throwleigh Parish

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Throwleigh - a moorland parish.

People have lived, worked in Throwleigh for thousands of years. The earliest visible remains of past inhabitants are the Bronze Age hut circles just above the village at Shilstone Tor.  Today Throwleigh’s population is around 350, centred around the Church, memorial cross, old forge pond and, recently opened, an “outreach” post office in the church.

It still remains very much a farming community and as such the inhabitants of the parish are spread over a wide area including the hamlets of Wonson, (village Hall and Pub), Murchington and Providence (chapel).

In the warmer months visitors are drawn to the quiet country lanes and good walking country on this moorland fringe.  The Mariners Way runs through part of the parish, and the whole area is criss-crossed with stone lined hedge banks, hollow ways and heather and gorse covered moorland.

Throwleigh Post Office:

Open Tuesday and Friday

1.30 - 3.00 pm

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 Parish Council Agenda                        7th Nov 2016

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 Parish Council Agenda                         5th Sept 2016

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 Parish Council concluded accounts 2015/6                26th July 2016

 Removal of Telephone and Installation of Defibrillator  15th Aug 2016                    

 Parish Council draft Minutes                 4th July 2016

 Parish Council Agenda                         4th July 2016

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 Road Closure between Church & Clannaborough  9.30 - 15.00  24th June 2016

 Road Closure - Murchington                16th May 2016

 Parish Council Annual Meeting Agenda  11th April 2016


Wonson Defibrillator

Appeal Update